Asking the right questions is important when you call a new healthcare professional for information, you have the right to receive clear and complete answers. Before you make any decisions, ask questions and get the information you need.
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Massage and Acupuncture Clinic and Local Shop Health shouldn't be just a lack of illness. We are a holistic center for active people (even desk jockeys). At the Dragonfly Wellness Center, we offer an alternative to pharmacuticals and surgery for healthcare. "Why use a shovel where a spoon will suffice?"
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Welcome to applecare acupuncture! a couple of words from YuPing Wu, the founder of the clinic This is a place for women who want to really heal. When you walk in to our practice, you are going to be surrounded by the sound of flowing water, and you will notice that we created this place based on a concept of wanting you to feel just like home. We also set up the clinic according to Chinese Fend Shui theoryto provide you with a calm and peaceful environment so you can get better here and stay healthy.
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What seems to make this practice unique is: time-honored chiropractic adjustments, muscle release work, gentle traction and exercise; using the exact clinical nutrition the body craves; recommending specific ways to balance an individual's body chemistry and using a powerful system to release damaging emotional stress and tension.
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At Westgate Family Dental, we hold our standards exceptionally high and it is our philosophy that only the best dentistry for our patients will ever be good enough. By applying this philosophy to the practice as a whole, you will find a very intelligent, faithful and helpful staff. Dr. Yarbrough an Austin Cosmetic Dentist, likes to keep his practice as a one stop shopping experience by providing as many procedures in-house as possible. One thing you can count on with Westgate Family Dental is consistency and proficiency; from the moment you walk through our door, taken to the back, and checked out, you will be taken care of by the same staff members that have been taking care of you for the past 34 years, from the front to the back we want our patients to feel like family and when you are here, we want you to feel right at home! We also speak Spanish.
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In the United States today, 40 million people (18%) experience anxiety disorders and 21 million (8%) are depressed. 60 million (25%) of Americans currently have sleep disorders/ insomnia and 100 million (47%) deal with chronic pain. Are you one of these statistics?
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Welcome to Body Evolution Acupuncture and Wellness where the mission is to make you feel your best, naturally. Jennifer Stang utilizes her knowledge of the body through extensive personal training, acupuncture, and dietary training to guide your body into balance and harmony. She specializes in the clinical practice of all aspects of Chinese medicine in combination with her understanding of Western anatomy and physiology, successfully using an integrated approach to influence a wide range of acute & chronic conditions.
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Our dentist office provides a kind of hometown feeling for Austin families. We're never short of smiles whether we're smiling or giving you one. We work with each of our patients to customize your best plan of action from routine cleanings to cosmetic dental procedures. FREE Teeth Whitening for Life!
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Generally, no one likes going to a doctor of any kind because that usually means something is wrong with your bodys normal functioning. In that respect, you may feel nervous or uncomfortable about coming to the office for your first visit. Dont be! We make it our priority to help you feel as comfortable as possible in all aspects of your care, from your initial consultation, to your examination, to your regular visits.
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My staff and I pride ourselves on quality dentistry with an emphasis on patient comfort and rapport. We strive to provide the most up-to-date services and utilize the most modern sterilization techniques. We pride ourselves on maintaining a very professional and friendly office atmosphere.
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Thank you for stopping by the Dr. Ueckert cosmetic dentist website. Austin is a wonderful place and I am blessed to have the opportunity to serve this city. Austin has many exciting places as well as people to see and it is my mission to help anyone that needs cosmetic dental services. Cosmetic dentists provide a wide range of services as well as procedures and I invite you to browse through our website to get a better feel for our processes. Our professional care can be achieved with mutual support, trust and communication between patient, doctor and staff. We will enjoy and celebrate creating with you a beautiful smile for a lifetime. Dentist procedures need to be detailed and perfected; this is something I pride myself on. Dentist knowledge and experience becomes a key factor when dealing with surgical procedures. Dentist focus should be helping the patient achieve their personal look and feel while alleviating pain in the process.
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