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LA Trauma Therapy Specialists
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LA Trauma Therapy Specialists

Cynthia Henrie, MFT, BCETS
4510 E Pacific Coast Hwy
Suite 210
Long Beach, CA 90804
United States
Phone: (323) 829-3548
We are a group of therapists who specialize in helping trauma survivors: victims of childhood abuse, incest, rape, victims of violent crimes, car accidents, natural disasters, family violence, divorce/major break ups, relationship problems, high profile cases, celebrity clients, injuries and major illnesses, etc. We deal with issues such as depression, anxiety, fearfulness, substance abuse, nightmares, sleep problems, anger problems, moodiness, emotional reactivity and all sorts of issues. We have three locations: Los Angeles, Long Beach and Santa Monica. Sometimes you need more than a friend... sometimes you need a specialist! Call us! We can help!
License(s): MFT 41617     Years Open: 2005
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