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Anny Eastwood
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Anny Eastwood

Anny Eastwood, MFT
26 W. Mission St.
Unit #3
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
United States
Phone: 805-637-5522
Therapy is a special kind of relationship that provides sanctuary, a safe place to learn how to build trust with another while staying grounded in our own authenticity.  Within this relationship we can begin to explore options that feel risky, solve problems and also develop direct access to an inner kind of peace that is not dependent on feelings, thoughts or outer circumstances.  By growing awareness, therapy helps us transform symptoms (mental, emotional, and physical) into valuable messages that move us toward wholeness and self-empowerment.

I help clients identify the patterns of thought, hidden shame, inner power struggles and addictive behaviors that undermine self confidence and leave us feeling drained.  When we feel safe enough to be honest with ourselves at deeper and deeper levels, doable choices emerge and we naturally make more satisfying choices.

My therapeutic style is eclectic and tailored to each person's needs.  I help clients explore what I call "supported risking." We need to take risks in order to grow and experience aliveness.  We also need to feel grounded, safe and maintain a sense of self.  I help clients discover how to be on their "growing edge" risking with support.

 I honor the unique expression and resourcefulness within each person and assist clients in learning how to recognize and develop trust in their own inner teacher, their natural rhythms, ways of processing information, emotional experience, and style of connecting with others.

License(s): Marriage & Family Therapy #MFC29391     Years Open: 1992
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