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[ARTICLE] School Shootings
Filed Under: Wellness | Published: Jan 25, 2018 | Author: FT
Some of the shootings that have been happening at schools were suicides that injured no one else: some did not result in any injuries at all. 

As of March 2016, 19 states were requiring individual schools to have plans for how to deal with an active shooter.  Only 12 states required schools to conduct drills, but two-thirds of school districts reported that they had staged active shooter exercises.  School safety experts say steps like the drills are crucial, if imperfect, safeguards.

Worrisome changes in your child's behaviour, such as withdrawal, sadness, anxiousness and a sudden disinterest in hobbies, can be a sign that he or she needs professional help. These changes can be triggered by things like parents separating, the loss of a loved one or school mate, moving, bullying or tragic events such as a school shooting. 

Some kids exhibit physical symptoms, such as the sudden onset of unexplained head or stomach aches, changes in appetite or sleep disturbances.  Speaking to a therapist who are trained and neutral parties can help with the feelings that these children and young adults are feeling.

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