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[ARTICLE] The Benefits of Exercise in Addiction Recovery
Filed Under: Wellness | Published: Dec 8, 2016 | Author: The Delray Recovery Center
Only 48 percent of adults met the National Physical Activiy Guidelines for aerobic exercise and a scant 24 percent met both sets of guidelines, with 20 percent regularly engaging in both muscle-stregthening and aerobic activity.

Statistics from the National Institure on Drug Abuse say that more than 100,000 people die from illicit drug and alcohol abuse every year.

A report published in the Frontiers of Psychology confirmed the benefical effects of exercose by analyzing several studies with the connection between exercise and mental health. 

  • Any amount of exercose can be beneficial to physical and mental health.
  • Exercise  can produce therapeutic effects in men and women
  • Early exposure to exercose habits can have long-term positive effects on reducing drug abuse.
  • Exercise can work even after long bouts of not exercising to help treat drug and alcohol addiction

One of the foremost reasons exercise can work to prevent and treat addiction is its ability to produce "neurological rewards."  In other words, exercise can reporduce a "high" using the brains natural chemicals.

Exercise also fills a void,offers structure and routine, serves as a coping mechanism, reduces anxiety, stress, boosts self-esteem, promotes better sleep, improves thinking, and gets people back into shape.

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