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[ARTICLE] Procrastination
Filed Under: Wellness | Published: Mar 30, 2016 | Author: Lisa Stull
Why do we procrastinate about those things that need to be done?  Procrastination can be about our health, our finances, and even our time.  Are we just those people who are distracted easily?  Is it just easier to make excuses than decisions? Yes, for many it is. You are not born a procrastinator.

There are three types of procrastinators:  arousal types-thrill seekers, avoiders and secisional procrastinators.  Do you put things off to the last minute for the excitement of it?  Are you affraid of making the wrong decision, because of what others may think of your decision?  Or, you just can't make that decision because of the outcome.  Do you fall into any of these three categories?

Health is just one procrastination issue.  Have you put off making an doctors appointment for that persistant problem that may limit your everyday life?  What about going to the dentist?  So, that now makes one difficult experience, possible years ago, the norm. Are you avoiding talking to a family or friend about a very emotional or difficult feeling?  Does that avoidance make it difficult to be in group settings?  Avoiding an emotional confrontation on your part will only supress those feelings surrounding that issue. There always seems to be an excuse not to make that appointment or to reach out to someone.  "I was too busy today", "I just did'nt have the time".  "Somethng came up at the last minute".   Once, you look back you will see that putting off these descisons will cost your more either financially or emotionally. 

Procrastinators can change their behavior.  A mental health professional can help.  Many therapist use email, skype or phone calls to address issues.  Visit for a therapist in your area.

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