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Getting Enough Sleep?
Every day millions of Americans start their days sleep deprived. In fact, sleep has become a prime focus among medical professionals and researchers largely because most people simply are not getting enough of it. For example, according to a 2013 Gallup poll, 40 percent of Americans don’t get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep each night.
Published: Oct 12, 2017 | Author: Public Health Corps.
What to do with an Aging Parent?
The responsibility of taking care of aging parents.
Published: Feb 24, 2016 | Author: FT
Yoga: A physical path to reshaping your mind and moving your spirit
The early founders of AA recognized that Alcoholism is a 3-fold disease affecting us physically, mentally and spiritually. The 12 step program has proved to be highly effective in addressing both the mental and spiritual aspects of the disease, while relatively little emphasis has been placed on the physical aspects. The ancient yogis knew that in order to sit and meditate for long periods of time, our bodies need to be in good physical condition, thus yoga is a natural complement to the 12 step program.
Published: May 14, 2012 | Author: Tammy Lee
In The Blink of an Eye
There is no way to prepare. No way to brace yourself or let yourself down easy. When a loved one dies suddenly or their death is perceived as sudden, your entire world is turned upside down and inside out.
Published: Dec 9, 2010 | Author: Gabriel Constans

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