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Naturopathic Treatment for Mesothelioma
Naturopathy, or naturopathic medicine, is a medical practice and philosophy that developed more than 100 years ago and continues to attract followers today. The idea behind it is to treat patients through prevention, education, natural and alternative treatments, and traditional medicine. Patients living with mesothelioma or other types of cancer may choose to turn to a naturopathic practitioner for an alternative to traditional medicine.
Published: Mar 8, 2017 | Author:
What's The Big Picture With Holistic Home Remedies?
Holistic home remedies has it's roots in the belief that physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of your life are all involved and connected and should be used together to provide healing of different kinds.
Published: Mar 10, 2014 | Author: HealTalk
Anxiety Cures: Five All Natural Tips for Treating Your Anxiety
Anxiety can wreck havoc on your life and make you feel completely helpless. People suffering from anxiety may need immediate and specific help from a medical health professional and that help may require prescription medication, counseling, and committed support from family and friends to implement a treatment plan. However, many cases of anxiety can be treated effective natural methods that are simple and inexpensive.
Published: Jun 29, 2009 | Author: FHP Staff
Holistic Health and How it Benefits You
Holistic health basically means wellness approach towards your entire body, involving mind and spirit. Holistic health can even be explained as to treat the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual features of a human body.
Published: Oct 13, 2008 | Author: Jamie Hanson and Isabelle Lucas
HCG Diet
Weight loss may be the biggest reason people attempt a change in diet/lifestyle. So many people wake up and look in the mirror, and discover they don't like what they see and want it to change.
Published: | Author: Dr. Julie TwoMoon

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